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Support Local Businesses

As our small business grows, we want to help your small business to grow as well. We understand the time, love and commitment you so passionately pour into your dreams. We want to help our small town grow, but with helping our local businesses flourish and keep all the influx of the big box at a minimum. We will be offering promotional opportunities to local businesses.

Our promotional options-

Our FREE promotional options are:

* Be a part of our "Support Local" page on our website

* Free Market day booths options- We will be hosting market day events with live music, vender, food, entertainment and so much more. Feel free to set up a booth for free at any of those events. 


Our low cost promotional option- ($250 or $300)

* Receive all the FREE promotions

* Receive a custom made sign to be put on our baseball fence. This area will be used for baseball/softball team practices, birthday parties, events and our Revo members area. The high traffic will ensure you great exposure. 

* We will spotlight your business on our social media pages and in our newsletter.

* Receive this for a full year

* If you decide to renew the following year you will receive $50 off


We will have limited spots   

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