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Private Parties

What can you say about the parties at Revo Sports? They are fun for EVERYONE!!! No one is too old to PLAY at Revo! We know the stress behind planning the perfect party. That is why we make planning and celebrating your party at Revo Sports as easy on you as possible.  We want you to walk in and walk out with your guest. No hours of set up or clean up.  When celebrating with us you will truly get a chance to sit back and enjoy the party or get out there and play yourself! Just one of the many reasons people absolutely love our parties.

We filled our location with a perfect party space for everyone!!  Check out all the party spaces and find the one that best fits your needs



Games, games, games!!!  Our dodgeball showdowns, epic kickball battles, Nerf wars are always a BIG hit! You think you adults can win the tug a war against the kids?  Think again!  They will give you a run for your money!! Relay races will get the whole place cheering and the little ones eyes will light up at the parachute!! That is just to name a few of our long list of games. If you can think of a game we can most likely play it. To ensure hands off and easy party you can add a professional party host. They will ensure that your party is running smoothly and all of your kids favorite games are being played. It’s no wonder we have been filling  up our party calendar for 8 years. We love being a part of these celebrations and love even more when we see the same amazing families year after year celebrating with us!  Providing you with the best party experience will always be our goal. Our staff are highly trained and experts in play!!  They will help ensure your party is a BLAST!!! In a nutshell, it is safe to say Revo Sports is taking the party world by storm and is most definitely the place to be.

Common questions~

How do I reserve?  To reserve a party 1st send in a party request form. Once your date/time have been approved you MUST fill out the reservation form completely.  This is what will ensure your date and time being blocked out on the calendar. The form will give you a link to pay your $100 deposit. Then you are all set. 

Does the guest count include adults? No. The head count is just for the children We do ask for safety guidelines for their not to be over 40 adults.

Can we bring in our own food? Yes. We do ask that the food brought in is an easy clean up and ONLY on the concrete.  Food on turf is impossible to clean indoors. Also in order to allow the next party time to set up we ask your party clean up able to be completed within 15 mins of the end of your party. Mopping up spilled Koolaid and mac & cheese can delay the process. We also kindly ask if candy, gum or popcorn is a party of the food celebration it is given out on the way out the door. These items find their way stuck in the turf. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

When can we do food celebrations? We ask that all food celebration be done the last 15 to 20 minutes of your party. This allows us to keep the gym clean and germ free. We pride ourselves on providing a clean environment and your assistance goes a long way. 

Can we decorate? Yes. Decorations are allowed. We just ask for no confetti or pinatas. Just keep in mind that set up and clean up need to be done in the 15 minutes of your party start and ending time. The party space and the celebration area are combined so there really isn't much need for decorations.  The area is full of bright colored inflatables and toys!

What ages are your parties for? ALL ages!! We have the ability to customize your party to ALL ages! From the 1st birthday to sweet 16 or a great 40 bash! We promise fun for everyone!!

Sample Party timeline (these are general and communicate during the party on the timeline you want).

Arrive 15 mins before your party to set up (If you show up before there will be another party cleaning up still)

First 30 let guests arrive and enjoy free play

1 st game 10 to 15 min

Free play 30 mins

2nd game 10 to 15 min

Free play

Gather for group picture if you wish

Last 20 min Leave play area to do food celebration (If doing presents leave 30 mins before)

Guest leave at the end of your party time

15 min to clean up and exit (another party will be coming in to set up)


Our party hosts are either us the owners, college or responsible high school students. They are amazing, well trained and great with kids. They are there to assist you with anything you need so please stay in great communication with them. If at any time they can not help you please reach out to us personally..


What to bring~

6 rectangular table cloths

Whatever you would like for your food celebration

Paper goods and utensils

Knife if you need to cut the cake



Ice chest with drinks

Party favors if you wish

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