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  Camp is coming up!!!!  Curious on what to expect or how to prepare your camper?  Here is the camp scoop.....

​Where is camp? 

Multi-Sports camp is held at Revo Sports on the hill in Spring Branch Tx off FM 311 on 11 beautiful hill country acres.  Strategically placed among the property are multi sports fields, play areas, Gaga ball pits, a petting zoo, pavilions, inflatables and a large indoor facility to provide a unique and fun camp experience. 

Baseball camps will typically be at the same facility providing baseball lanes, pitching machines and multiple sports fields including our turf baseball field. 


​What will we play at multi sports camp?

​ At Multi-Sports camp we will cover up to 11 different organized sports such as soccer, field hockey, volleyball, lactose, basketball, football & baseball/softball. We will also enjoy familiar games like capture the flag, gaga ball, dodgeball, sharks and minnows, relay races foursquare and water games.  On top of all that we have 11 exciting inflatables, and a large lineup of famous Revo games that encourage teamwork, leadership skills, building confidence and having FUN!! We are happy to have also added walking trails, more fields, covered and shady play areas, a petting zoo and so much more! At our camps we create an inclusive environment that offers a diverse learning experience ranging from the fairly competitive, new to sports or just wanting to come have fun.


Do you need to have experience in sports to attend a camp?

No!  We have baseball camps that help new to the game players get the experience and confidence they need to try a new sport.  

​Our Multi-sports camp is great for athletes and non-athletes alike.  We teach the skills needed to participate and work on the most important thing....having FUN!!! You will be amazed how far our campers can come with athleticism, confidence and leadership skills in just one camp!

Who are the camp counselors/coaches?

Our camp counselors are hand picked for their fun personalities , their love and knowledge of sports and their ability to be great role models. We have an amazing staff that you and your children will LOVE.


Behind our mission...

We also lead an informative round table each morning which provides thoughts of the day and targets leadership skills and characteristics. These topics of the week encourage resiliency, fortitude, friendship, good sportsmanship, handling criticism, being coachable, and other leadership skills. 


What do you need to prepare for camp day?

​We will be indoor and outdoors for our camps.  Sunshine and fresh air is good for kiddos!  That being said, applying sunscreen, bringing a hat and a LARGE water bottle is a good idea.  Come in comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. We do have a snack break and lunch break in our multi-sports camp.  So please have a good healthy snack, lunch and more WATER!!

We keep these kiddos moving and busy!! They need to hydrate and refuel their bodies. :)

Our Baseball camp just does a snack break. So a good snack and large water bottle is a must!

​What if my child does not know anyone attending?

​We got you!  We have children attend all the time that do not know anyone or are even shy.  It is ok!  We know how to make them comfortable and included from the start.  Plus one of the great things about our camps is we keep our sizes down and staff up.  That means more one on one attention. Not to mention our Revo campers are AMAZING!!!  Your child will leave with a ton of new friends and soaring confidence! 

What do I do the morning of camp?

​We will have a table with staff to greet you the morning of camp.  Please arrive on time so we can get the fun started! We ask you to visit our website and fill out the camper check in form each morning.  At drop off your camper will take all their belongings and find their spot for the day.  Our camp counselors will help them know where to go.  This will be their spot for the whole day.  They will keep all their belongings there.  This will also be where they take their water, snack and lunch break. After everyone arrives we will join in our round table circle to get to know each other and listen to the daily message.  Then we will break into age groups and do our body warm ups and stretching.  After that let all the fun begin!! 

What if I can not attend a camp I signed up for?

When you sign up for camp we will reserve a spot just for your child.  That means we unfortunately will have to turn away other children once the camp is full.  We will reach max capacity in all of our camps, so if we reserve your kiddo a spot, and for some reason they are unable to attend we will NOT be able to refund any portion of the camp tuition. We will always try and work with you through unforeseeable situations to the best of our ability but can not guarantee financial reimbursement. 

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