Revo Party Pricing

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Common questions~

Does the guest count include adults? No. The head count is just for the children We do ask for safety guidelines for their not to be over 40 adults.

Can we bring in our own food? Yes. WE do ask that the food brought in is an easy clean up and ONLY on the concrete.  Food on turf is impossible to clean indoors. Also in order to allow the next party time to set up we ask your party clean up able to be completed within 15 mins of the end of your party. Mopping up spilled Koolaid and mac & cheese can delay the process. We also kindly ask if candy, gum or popcorn is a party of the food celebration it is given out on the way out the door. These items find their way stuck in the turf. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

When can we do food celebrations? We ask that all food celebration be done the last 15 to 20 minutes of your party. This allows us to keep the gym clean and germ free. We pride ourselves on providing a clean environment and your assistance goes a long way. 

Can we decorate? Yes. Decorations are allowed. We just ask for no confetti or pinatas. Just keep in mind that set up and clean up need to be done in the 15 minutes of your party start and ending time. The party space and the celebration area are combined so there really isn't much need for decorations.  The area is full of bright colored inflatables and toys!

A $100 deposit is needed to book your party. The remainder is due at the time of the party. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applies towards a different party or party date if needed.

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