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The Patriots

Jeremy Tyson and the Revo Sports family are excited to announce the on the field baseball partnership with Joe Orlowski and his elite and long established Lights Out baseball organization. In the coming spring, the two power house entities will unite and set out on a mission to enhance travel baseball in and around the Central and South Texas regions. 

With 44 years of combined experience in  every phase of the game of baseball, Jeremy and Joe bring an expertise in field knowledge and mechanical understanding of the game that is unmatched in the area.  Their prior successes through the years in ushering a student-athlete into potential collegiate opportunities is also without rival.  With their contacts and guidance,  Joe and Jeremy have opened doors for hundreds of deserving young men who have gone on to very successful collegiate and professional baseball careers.

Leadership, dedication, passion, and professionalism are synonymous in their work ethic and has been a way of life for both men through out their own outstanding playing and coaching careers.  To be a part of this organization and its “commitment to excellence” offers any aspiring young player the opportunity to become his best self in the baseball world.