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Revo Sports Classes

Revo Sports Pro offers unique, diverse extremely creative classes cultivated by an elite staff that help each athlete maximize their skill set regardless of gender or sport. From martial arts, explosion jump training, and first step quickness, aka speed and agility, we help fill every athletic gap with a sophisticated approach that help round out each athletes “toolbox”.


As for the adults who might be saying what about us, well, have no fear, Camp Gladiators here!!! Revo currently offers five different classes each week for like-minded adults to gather, push, and support each other, all with the common goal of being the very best version of themselves. Our Gladiator sessions are fun, well organized, highly encouraging and extremely versatile. This flexibility will allow every adult athlete from novice to elite to feel comfortable and challenged.

Additional classes available:

  • Speed and Agility

  • Blast - Cross Training for Kids

  • Women's Self-Defense

and more -- check the schedule often.

We are conveniently located between Spring Branch and Bulverde on Texas State Highway 46-W in Faithville. View map.

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